Brew great beer at home
This Recipe Kit 20L is perfect if you have a brewery or other brewing equipment for crushed malt. You will learn how to brew great beer at home with real malt, hops, yeast and water. The Recipe Kit 20L gives approximately 56pcs 33cl beers.

Amarillo IPA 6,5%

A golden India Pale Ale (IPA) with wonderful fruity and floral flavor of blood grape, mandarin and apricot from the American Amarillo hops. Dry Hopping gives lovely aroma.

This Recipe Kit includes:
- Humle: Amarillo
- Dry Hopping: Yes
- Malt (Crushed): Golden Promise Pale Ale
- Yeast: American Ale
- Clarifying agent: Protafloc
- pH-adjustment: Lactic acid
- Caps: Black caps are included
- Brewing Manual and Recipe (Grainfather XML-file available upon request)
Contains BARLEY malt.

How long does it take to brew?
The brewing itself takes about 4 hours. Then the beer ferment for 2 weeks, then it is bottled. Bottle carbonation takes another 2 weeks. A total of 4 weeks, then the beer is ready to be enjoyed!

What equipment do I need to have at home?
Brewery (20L or more) or other brewing equipment for crushed malt, pot/boiler 10-20L, ladle, sugar, container 1-2L, milliliter- and deciliter measures, bottle filler, sanitizer, bottle capper, fermenters with and without tap. Brown empty bottles (about 28pcs 33cl per 10 liters of beer) are only needed when the beer is to be bottled 14 days after the brewing day.

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Customer reviews

  • Patrik
    Disappearingly good. Good instructions. Fun and surprisingly easy. It isn't the last time I brew this one.
  • Conny C.
    My first home brewing and wonderful results. Can really recommend this IPA. Will be many more in the future

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