This chuck is the chuck that is sold as a separate part so that the Cannular Bench Top Canning Machine (as well as the Semi-Auto Pro version) can be used with Visy/CDLE ends (202 CDL). No need to change over the rolls just switch over the chuck, make some fine adjustments to the rolls and table height and you can be seaming CDLE ends in no time at all.

Most aluminium can bodies are made the same and are made to the same 202 standard. With that said two major competing manufacturers in the world make the lids for these 202 cans. The B64 is the standard lid that we sell in most of the cans you can purchase here in the 500ml variety or here in the 330ml variety. Both these 202 can designs will also fit other CDLE ends if you wanted to use your own CDLE ends for some reason.

Two Major Competitors Explained
In the world of canning two major competitors exist that have developed the lids for aluminium beverage cans. These are "Ardagh Group" (a European Based Company) that mostly supply the CDL type ends and "Ball" (an American Based Company) that mostly supplies the B64 and a few other end types. Between the CDL and B64 ends these are the two dominant end types for 202 can bodies. Naturally in America we mainly see the B64 ends being used and in Europe we see more CDL ends being used.

CDLE Ends Explained
CDLE ends are the main end type sold by VISY as Visy licence this technology from Ardah Group. Some people loosely refer to the CDLE end as a CDL end but the technical name for this particular type of end is CDLE not CDL. This is not to be confused with the CDLE's predecessor which was CDL+.

Made from hardened stainless steel
Machined to 20 micron tolerance
Fits to 19mm drive shaft
Tighten using 3mm allen key

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