With the Grainfather Glycol Chiller Adapter (GCA), you can easily control the temperature of your fermenter together with the Grainfather Glycol Chiller. Can be used in several models of fermenters and has both cooling and heating to provide a stable fermentation temperature.

The kit consists of a cooling coil that is mounted through a rubber bung, which also has room for a airlock or blow-off, down into the fermenter. This coil is then connected to one of the channels on the Clycol Chiller.

The control unit is of the same model as in Grainfathers Conical Fermenter Pro and handles the heating element and the glycol cooler's coolant pump to regulate temperature in the fermenter. It also supports Wi-Fi and the Grainfather App, which offers the user the ability to monitor and control the fermentation remotely. The unit's temperature probe is mounted on the outside of the fermenter or in a thermowell.

The heating element is 30 W and is mounted with self-adhesive tape on the side of the fermenter.

Heating element - 12 V, 30 W. Dimension: 22 x 8 cm. Cord 2 m
Cooling coil - 5 m, 9 mm pipe outer diameter. The coil is 12 cm wide and 52 cm high
Temperature probe - 35 x 6 mm. Cord 2 m
Control unit - 12V. WiFI support, color display, Power cord 2 m.
Cooling connection hoses - Insulation. length 2 meters, inner diameter 8 mm

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