Perhaps the most versatile of all our roasted products, Simpsons’ Amber Malt can be used in a wide variety of beers to add biscuity toasty notes and a beautiful brown hue. Its delicate roast flavour makes it suitable for adding toasty notes to all Dark Beers, as well as lighter Ales and Lagers. Amber Malt brings a clean, crisp dryness to balance delicate floral hops and increases foam stability.

Beer Styles:
California Common, Stout & Extra Stout, Export, Best Bitter, Dark Lager, Fullers 1845

Malt Flavour:
Dry, Biscuit


Simpsons Amber Malt
Content: 2kg crushed malt
Colour: 54-71 EBC (European Brewing Convention)
Use: 5-20% of the grain bill.

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