Premium English Caramalt is our top of the range Cara. Used in Light Coloured Beers, it imparts a deliciously sweet malty flavour without the burnt character that higher colour crystals bring. Excellent for colour adjustment on delicately flavoured Lagers and Ales, Premium English Caramalt gives a slight colour increase. It also works well in highly hopped beer to balance out bitterness and citrus aromas.

“Premium English Caramalt is one of my favourite malts in the world. Light and clean, but fully capable of balance or intense extremes. It’s unique because it toes the line below caramel and candy flavours, with subtle nutty robustness. The depth of the flavour sinks into your tongue when you chew.”
— Tim Matthews, Head Brewer, Oskar Blues Brewery

Beer Styles:
IPA, English Pale, Wheat Beer and Bock

Malt Flavour:
‘Horlicks’, Sweet Malt, ‘Shreddies’

Simpsons Premium English Caramalt
Content: 2kg crushed malt
Colour: 54-66 EBC (European Brewing Convention)
Use: Up to 10% of the grain bill.

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